Publishing encoder value from arduino and RVIZ visualization help

asked 2022-07-04 04:12:53 -0500

Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to this. I've gone through the rosserial tutorials but I am still a little hazy on how to publish my encoder value to a topic and make sure it's synchronized with ros time.

My encoder arduino file outputs a float from 0-360 in delays of 50ms. Can I publish this as a single integer in a topic?

I want to treat my helicopter as the static base_link and have the rotor spinning above this as the odom (which I think is opposite of how the example does it). I would love to be able to see this rotation visually in RVIZ if possible.

Further, my understanding is that I could potentially sync this single value topic to ros time so that I can synchronize with other stuff running on ros time.

Any advice to assist with this would be so helpful. Thanks!!!

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