How to use display topic package on rviz ?

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Hi everybody, (I'm French and do i my best because im new)

So, I want to display my topics result (as the velocity or GPS for example) with RVIZ. I already use a USB camera and use RVIZ to displaying the result with the "image class", but as i controle au mobile robot, i want display all the topics i want and when i want, so i founded this package by "VincentLemoine" :

I was really happy but after many time and difficulties i suceed to compil the full package with ROS but after i don't understand how can i display the result, i read all the code but it's little bit complicate for new guy in programmation.

So if you have some idea for me to try i really appreciate. Thx everyone;



I try to launch the node with the "rosrun" command but when i specify with the name of the .cpp file, ROS say to me me it's impossible because he don'f find the executable.

So i think the node is not coding in the "display_topic.cpp" or "topic_info.cpp", when we look the code we can see, there is only fonction and not main !

So if u know how we can do !

thx, Vivien

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