/odom velocity information

asked 2017-12-21 04:03:40 -0500

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at the moment im stuck at the navigation part. I localized my robot in my static map with amcl and laser_scan_matcher. Now i tried move_base with basic parameters. My global path planning works fine, but my local path is flashing in every direction possible... . I red some posts and think its because of my /odom topic. Odom topic needs pose and twist informations. Pose i get from /amcl/pose. I think this is quite okay. Now i need some Twist (linear x and angular z velocitys) informations. I ve got no odometry at all. My robot has 4 wheels and only a rplidar Laser and an Imu mounted on top. The angular z i can take from the Imu but what about the velocity? Is there something like a laser to velocity or Imu to velocity package?

Thank you very much!

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