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How to move the robots directly (without any trajectory planning) to the desired angle position in moveit_commander python interface?

asked 2019-11-16 13:33:30 -0500

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updated 2022-01-22 16:10:10 -0500

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Hello I am using moveit_commander python interface for moving a UR5 robot to the desired joint angle position. Whenever I give a new joint angle to the robot, the moveit python interface takes some time (because of the trajectory planning) in moving to the desired angle position, Is there any way (internally) to bypass this mechanism of trajectory planning by moveit so that when I give a new joint angle position to the robot it directly goes to the given position?

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answered 2020-02-29 12:44:53 -0500

fvd gravatar image

updated 2020-02-29 12:45:10 -0500

This functionality doesn't currently exist in moveit, but it is being implemented.

As a workaround if you want an extremely simple PTP-like function, simply assemble a trajectory with the start and end points in joint space yourself, use one of the time parameterization methods to time it, and then pass it to the move group to execute it.

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