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I've recently started looking at using the recently released universal_robot stack to communicate with my UR5. I'm reasonably familiar with ROS but my Python isn't too great. Can't find any other questions about this stack, or other support materials so asking here.

After sifting through the python code I managed to figure out that the IP of the robot should be passed from ur5.launch using the node args tag (right?) This seems to establish a connection and the log in the polyscope software reflects this.

The problem I'm experiencing is that the after sending the UR script program to the controller the line below checks if the robot is connected, and never thinks that it is.

r = getConnectedRobot(wait=True, timeout=1.0)

Looking at the code it seems that in order for this to return successfully


Needs to be called, but it doesn't appear that it is. As such the program ends up stuck in the "programming the robot" loop, with the following line repeatedly being output with rosinfo:

Programming the robot at

Meanwhile the log on the UR5 screen shows the following repeatedly:

RTMachine Program driverProg started

Not sure whats going on here, I assume the driver worked on the developers machine? I'm unsure if I need to change something on the UR controller to allow external control?

Also I see there are a couple of branches in the mercurial repository, not sure if i'm using the appropriate one. I just installed using the following command:

$ hg clone https://kforge.ros.org/ros_industrial/universal_robot

Checking hg log shows revisions upto 139:5572801ede87 but my ur5_driver/driver.py file seems to reflect revision 137:eb2a19e229cd

All in all im quite confused. Hope my rambling has described the issue in enough detail.



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Hi there, I am working on similar platform, I cloned the code from github $git clone https://github.com/ros-industrial/universal_robot.git When testing it I came across errors related to joint state publisher offset ,could you please share steps you followed to connect to the ur5 Robot.

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