UR5 test_move.py smooth trajectory

asked 2016-01-28 13:04:15 -0600

matt gravatar image

I'm using trajOpt to generate collision-free trajectories for a Universal Robots UR5. In the test_move.py example in ur_driver, joint angles are given in the form JointTrajectoryPoint(positions=Q1, velocities=[0]*6, time_from_start=rospy.Duration(2.0)). When the arm moves between these points, there is a delay caused by time_from_start. How can I modify these points to get a smooth trajectory instead? Does the velocity list define the maximum joint velocities? Could I enter a value there and remove time_from_start? What would a reasonable limit be? I don't want it to move very fast.

I'd also like to implement safety features. Do the safety settings set from the teach pendant (like boundaries) apply when sending commands through ROS? Also, is there a way to have the arm stop if it bumps something? Reduce the maximum force in the General Limits tab in Safety Configuration?

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