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Autonomous mapping and navigation based on GPS waypoints

asked 2021-07-24 06:39:13 -0500

Delbina gravatar image

hi everyone,

up to now, every document and video that I have found out they did first mapping and then localization. Would you please send me a file/document/website that explains how to do settings for simultaneous localization and mapping? I want to have both at the same time!

and also I want to do autonomous navigation based on GPS as well, So I am now confused about how to merge SLAM with navigation and GPS? I want the robot to go from A point to B point(GPS waypoint) while doing localization and mapping.

I would be grateful if anybody can guide me All the Best

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answered 2021-07-24 12:00:58 -0500

There are many SLAM algorithms ready for a try out. I assume you will like things to be 3D ? Then on top of my head ;

Google Cartogrpaher

HDL graph SLAM

An NDT based Slam approach ;

These above 3 are Lidar based algorithms. There are also Visual Slam algorithms. To best if my knowledge state of the art on that was ORB-SLAM3 , there is also OpenVSLAM which pretty robust, I have used OpenVSLAM and if visual SLAM is the way you choose I suggest you try that.

Now about GPS waypoint navigation, well GPS and SLAM are decoupled systems however in some SLAM algorithms they do include GPS data for dealing with drift errors. If you would like to do GPS waypoint navigation, you can take a look at ;

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Thanks a lot for your response, I have applied RTAB-Map. for this method first I need to do mapping and then localization. but I do not know how to do it at the same time!!! I know about different types of SLAM. I need something that tells me how to implement it at the same time.

Do you mean that it's not possible to implement SLAM and GPS at the same time?! I have read that for implementing navigation based on GPs, it necessitates to use robot_localization pkg two times for creating tf between map and odom as well as odom to base-link. Now I do not how to use SLAM with this structure! because with using robot localization pkg the tf tree will be created, and I do not know what would be the role of SLAM, which tf would be created by SLAM.

I have also checked ...(more)

Delbina gravatar image Delbina  ( 2021-07-24 13:37:01 -0500 )edit

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