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your experience about google cartographer + Intel d435 camera for indoor

asked 2019-11-20 10:37:03 -0600

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updated 2019-11-20 11:27:16 -0600

  1. does google cartographer actually supports building 2d occupancy grid with using depth cameras such as Intel d435? I mean without converting depth cloud to laserscan.
  2. have somebody tried using d435 camera with cartographer? can you share some links to such projects or something else? maybe github, videos, gifs, etc.
  3. comparing to rtabmap, what is your opinion about rtabmap vs google cartographer with only d435? for example I have tall robot with 1.6 meters height and I want him avoiding variety of obstacles in my room (tables with thin legs, small objects lying on the ground, vertical rods, racks). what could be better in this case?
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answered 2019-11-20 12:13:37 -0600

Point 1: yes? It will take in pointclouds and laser scans. You'd have to test.

Point 2: Yes, with poor performance, nothing worth sharing.

Point 3: RTabMap if you're working in small enough space that it works. Hands down.

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