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A bit of background about my setup: I have a robot with a lidar sensor at about 4 feet off the ground and a kinect sensor at about 1.5 feet off the ground. the two sensors are directly above each other with the kinect pointing forward. this was done in a attempt to give the robot a full 360 degree view of the room while also giving it a view of lower objects like table legs. i am using depthimage_to_laserscan to get a laser scan out of the kinect. then im using laser_merge to combine the scan from the lidar and the scan from the kinect into a single laser scan. what results is a lasercan of the room that shows data from whatever sensor sees a closer object.

The Problem: Because the kinect has a small field of view, a couple degrees of rotation from the robot is enough for an object to go out of view. this results in the robot adding objects to the local costmap as it approaches but then clearing them as it rotates to go around. often it will then cut the corner really hard because it thinks there's nothing there and it hits the object. at this point it is often too close for the kinect to detect anything. Is there a way to have some sort of buffer where the local costmap remembers for a short period that something was there even when it leaves its view? and if not do you all have any suggestions of how i can prevent my robot from hitting things?


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my apologies, im not sure how that happened

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