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Mapping with Zed Camera

asked 2019-08-22 09:35:15 -0500

vonunwerth gravatar image

Hi, i want to use our Stereolabs Zed Cam to get a map in Rviz. I set up zed-wrapper (and SDK and Cuda) successfully and startet the zed.launch file to get image data. The data is broadcasted to its topics and i can get it echoing the corresponding topics. Also in rqt the images can be shown. But if i open rviz i can't see anything. No image data, no pointcloud,... I loaded the rviz config file from stereolabs and the first different point on my system is: I have no map frame. There are only the following frames availabe: base_frame, base_link, odometry_frame, zed_camera_center, zed_{left,right}_camera_{optical}_frame. I found out it could be a problem with this tricky fixed frame and got the tf-tree attached below. There i can find two subtrees... Is this correct or is this my problem? With frame base_link chosen the rviz looks as in the image below. TF says "No transform from [base_frame] to frame [base_link]. I think this is a problem, but why and how to solve it? Nothing to see hereimage description

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answered 2019-08-22 12:31:04 -0500

You should remap the frame in either the zed_node or state publisher to have the same frame. Alternatively, you can add the base_frame to base_link transform to a robot state publisher.

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