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How to get the wheel odometry

asked 2020-08-13 02:08:39 -0500

Xiao gravatar image

I have a wheel that use Two Channel Hall Effect.

I want to read the encoder to ROS to do SLAM but I have a question.

How to read data to ROS system? arduino or others method?

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You can publish your data to ROS irrespective of which embedded board do you use. Control the motor get the rpm and publish it into ROS. In case of Arduino have a look at Arduino pacakge. There are plenty of tutorials for that package as well.

Tahir M. gravatar image Tahir M.  ( 2020-08-13 06:58:17 -0500 )edit

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answered 2020-08-13 11:41:26 -0500

parzival gravatar image

To get encoder ticks, you can connect the encoders to an Arduino, among many other ways. You will find a lot of help to write a script online. One example is:

To connect arduino and ROS via serial communication, checkout:

For odometry calculations checkout: or

You can find a lot of relevant help at

In future, try to break down your questions and search for it, a lot of these questions already have good answers

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Is it possible to connect the hall sensors directly to a motor controller such as the RoboClaw Driver?

StewartHemm74 gravatar image StewartHemm74  ( 2020-11-18 11:03:35 -0500 )edit

Now it connect to the HB-25 motor controller

Xiao gravatar image Xiao  ( 2020-11-18 19:23:55 -0500 )edit

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