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I'm using the pr2 robot in gazebo. I've been seeing the odometer publishers (/base_odometry/odom, /base_odometry/odometer, /base_odometry/state and /robot_pose_ekf/odom_combined) and what I want to ask is how to correct the position error? I mean, like when you have a kalman filter with a GPS, with the data of the GPS you correct the position, is there any topic or service who do this work with the data of the robot's position from gazebo?

In short, how do I update the odometer (estimated position) values?

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Hi, I need a robot upon which 2D navigation stack properly set up. I am planning to incorporate my own code inside amcl. For TurtleBot (or Robotino/PR2), can we use 2D nav stack directly?; does this robot can be properly launched in Gazeb? Are the packages freely available? Does turtleBot can avail all the functionality of 2D nav stack.? Thanks in advance

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