[Noetic]Would you recommend RTABMap or robot_localization?

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We are looking to build an autonomous mobile robot for outdoor use. The outdoor area is assumed to be a flat area with few feature points around.

I am aware that it is very rude of me to write here about my impatience. However, I am required to have results by the end of this month.

For now, I want to use the "2D NavSat Goal" from rviz to move the robot to the target point outdoors during this month!

Which is more suitable for building an autonomous outdoor robot: "robot_localization" or "RTABMap"?

My current environment is as follows

  • ROS Noetic
  • T265(Stereo Fisheye Camera)
  • D455 (Depth Camera)
  • ZED-F9P (GPS receiver)

The current situation is as follows.

  • I can use the realsense-ros pkg to launch T265 and D455 and can publish. (From T265 you can publish "/t265/odom/sample", from D455 "/d400/imu") various topics from them.
  • I can use the ublox pkg to get the "/ubox/fix (sensor_msgs/NavSatFix)".

Which of the above situations would allow for easier outdoor autonomous movement?

I am very ignorant, so please enlighten me.

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