launching ros navigation on SBC (computer startup) and automatically localizing the robot [closed]

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Hello everbody,

I am using the robot_upstart package to bring up the robot and teleop, which is working great. However, my next goal is to start the navigation stack when the computer powers on and localize the robot inside the apartment automatically.

According to my experience, the location from where you start creating a map is considered as (0,0) and when navigation is launched, the robot places itself at 0,0 location. Next, generally, we use the 2D Pose Estimate button (RVIZ) or /initial_amcl_pose topic to publish the approximate position of the robot in case it's at a different location other than 0,0. Let's take an example of an apartment to understand the issue. Let's say, we started creating map using GMapping (SLAM) from the bedroom and saved the map. After launching navigation with the map we just created, if the robot is inside the bedroom, it will localize itself easily without any assistance i.e 2D pose estimate button. However, if the robot is inside the kitchen when we launched the navigation, it won't be able to localize itself without assistance.

Are there any standard practices to localize the robot on start-up if it's at a place other than 0,0 (bedroom in the above example)?

Thank you!

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