Sawyer robot arm misconfigured after a failed motion.

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Hi all

I am using the Sawyer Rethinkrobot for research purposes using SDK mode. The robot suddenly 'stuck' during movement and not responding to movement command anymore. I rebooted the robot and try to make it back to its normal position. It moved a bit and stuck again. After another reboot, it was not responding anymore. My PC can ping the robot but it shows a 'Time out waiting for Motion Controller Server to connect' error. Next, I rebooted it and switched the robot to the internal studio system. Then it showed this message:sawyer is misconfigured, contact support.

I think this is not a network connection problem since I didn't change the configure file. Currently, I'm seeking help from Sawyer Rethinkrobot support but haven't got a response yet.

I wonder if anyone has met similar problems using robots and could kindly give me some suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


This is due to J4 joint failure. It needs to be repaired. Question close.

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This is not a duplicate question, so should not be closed as such.

Please post your last edit as an answer, then accept your own answer.

That would clearly show your question was "resolved".

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