katana_driver and robot arm manipulation

asked 2014-05-01 13:22:01 -0500

Syafiq Nori gravatar image

Hi fellow ros community,

I'm working on my project about controlling Katana Arm 450 from Neuronics using ROS. Since i'm still new to Ubuntu, ROS environment and also C++ Programming i would like have tips and tricks so that my project would hopefully be successfull. Right now i'm still struggling to learn C++ and the ROS environment. I'll also done most of the tutorias in ROS but i still didnt get the connection to work it out with the Katana Arm Robot.

I hope you guys that have experienced with ROS and also C++ Programming can help me out and guide me. I know my method of tackling this project might be a bit shady, so i really hope if you guys can help me out by giving me concrete steps (do and don'ts). I am looking forward for your reply.

Best Regards, Syafiq Nori

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