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Hi I am trying to send a simple move arm goal to my katana arm, but when i send the goal the arm kinematics node gave me below error:

[ERROR] [1331728055.938477489]: i: 0, No joint index for floating_trans_x
[ERROR] [1331728055.938534828]: i: 1, No joint index for floating_trans_y
[ERROR] [1331728055.938566745]: i: 2, No joint index for floating_trans_z
[ERROR] [1331728055.938602713]: i: 3, No joint index for floating_rot_x
[ERROR] [1331728055.938631977]: i: 4, No joint index for floating_rot_y
[ERROR] [1331728055.987850352]: IK Solution not found, IK returned with error_code: -31

I have generated my arm navigation stack using Planning Description Configuration Wizard, but i have modified it a bit and i am using none_kinematic_constraint_aware instead of kinematics_constraint_aware!

any Idea?


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I haven't seen the errors in the first 5 lines before. I'm not sure, if you can use floating joints here. Try changing the kinematics chain your solver uses (root -> tip link). Also make sure, that the pose your are providing is reachable (position & orientation!) by your arm.

bit-pirate gravatar image bit-pirate  ( 2012-03-14 14:01:41 -0500 )edit