ROS CPP needs protobuf library - but there are multiple Versions [closed]

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the following error occured by starting my hand written testnode. I am pretty sure, the problem is caused by using #include "gazebo/gazebo.hh".

[libprotobuf FATAL google/protobuf/stubs/] This program requires version 3.12.0 of the protocol Buffer runtimer library, but the installed version is 3.0.0. Please update the library. [...]

Using protoc --version yields in libprotoc 3.12.3 after installing protbuf library from github. But using pip show protobuf results in 3.6.0. And pip3 show protobuf tells me the version 3.0.0.

My Question: How to handle this problem? Do you have any suggestion?

I am developing under Ubuntu 18.04 with ROS Melodic and Gazebo 9.

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ROS (ie: roscpp) does not depend on Protobuf. Gazebo does.

Please post questions about Gazebo on the Gazebo Answers site.

If/when you do, please post a comment here with a link to your Gazebo Answers question, so we can keep things connected.

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