Navigation w/ 4 wheeled mobile manipulator

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I have made an open mobile manipulator project ~1000 working both in simulation and reality.

I have some problems with the navigation both in simulation and in reality (but here i will focus on simulation) here is my project which you can easily hopefully build in melodic after you install the depedencies (i have some instructions)

image description

so the xacro of the robot begins here

The wheel macro is here I think i have set them up correctly with the gazebo mu1,mu2,kp etc properties

here is the move base config using trajectory base local planner (no dwa)

with roscd safe_spawner and ./safe_spawner_navigation will launch the system for navigation (check to see what it launches) make sure you have installed prerequisities for xterm emulator sudo apt-get update -y sudo apt-get install -y x-terminal-emulator

I use the diff_drive_controller

But navigation has problems.. Also the diff drive controller doesn't rotate the robot well (it kind of oscillates) you can run the ./ script

Let me know if someone wants to Help me and is up for the Challenge to make it navigate as a champ xD

Thanks a Lot

image description image description image description image description

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