why there are four instantiation critics of MapGridCostFunction,when scoring trajectories?

asked 2015-06-19 03:00:32 -0600

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Hello ,all

I'm trying to figure out what are the cost functions' principle , when scoring the trajectories generated by local path planner . when look at the source codes,there are four instantiation critics of MapGridCostFunction class,path_costs_&alignment_costs_,goal_costs_& goal_front_costs_. If i do not miss something ,the former two critics play a role in scoring how far from the trajectory to the global path generated by global path planner(MapGrid::setTargetCells(.)),the latter two critics score how far from the trajectory to the last point of global path(MapGrid::setLocalGoal(.)) ,they all have taken the wavefront propagation algorithm.


why there are two critics of them respectively ,why ROS not use only one of the "path_costs_ , alignment_costs_"and only one of the "goal_costs_ goal_front_costs_"? Using four evaluation criterias is not redundant??

If I do not express my problem clearly, please tell me :) .Any help will be appreciated much,thanks a lot :)

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