Cannot always switch controllers

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Hello everyone,

I am on Ubuntu 16.04 with ROS Kinetic. Working on a robot with two different controllers: joint_trajectory_controller and velocity_controller, which is a custom controller written by me that uses Position Joint Interface.

Both the controllers are successfully loaded with two controller spawners: one with the arg--stopped. Then, I can switch between these controllers as follows.

// Creating the service client
ros::ServiceClient robot_switch_client;
robot_switch_client = nh.serviceClient<controller_manager_msgs::SwitchController>(robot_name + "/controller_manager/switch_controller");

// Creating and filling up the message
controller_manager_msgs::SwitchController switch_controller;


switch_controller.request.strictness = controller_manager_msgs::SwitchController::Request::BEST_EFFORT;

// Swithching controller by calling the service
bool success =;

Here the variable robot_name is previously set and start_controller and stop_controller are different and are either joint_trajectory_controller orvelocity_controller.

Now it happens, often and not always, that returns false. Sometimes this happens even if the controllers have been correctly swithed (can see them switched from rqt). This happens even if I set the strictness to STRICT.

Why is this happening? What can be the possible causes and solutions?

Thanks to everyone in advance.

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