moveIt! for differential drive mobile robots

asked 2017-12-22 05:54:26 -0500

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updated 2017-12-22 05:58:22 -0500

Hi everyone! I'm currently looking for a motion planner for implementing 2D and 3D navigation for a differential drive mobile robot. As far as I read from this forum, the moveIt! google group and internet in general, it should be possible to implement navigation with moveIt!. The task for the robot is navigation in a 2D or 3D indoor environment (probably with ramps, slopes, etc...) with only few obstacles. There could be also some moving obstacles (e.g. people). In particular, the robot should follow a bustrophedic path. My questions are:

  • Did someone succed in setting up moveit for a differential drive robot?
  • Is there a clear example, excluding the standard moveit_setup_assistant example and other tutorials on the moveIt! website, which are clearly for manipulators, for a differential drive robot setup in moveIt!?
  • Is there any advantage in using moveIt! instead of the good-old move_base for this task?
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