data structures for 3D world representation from Point Cloud

asked 2017-01-25 07:29:27 -0500

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I am looking for ways to store the information from a live lidar for real time analysis of the data.

I have looked at some libraries but am still unsure I have covered everything.
Could you help me out with the list?
- Octomap: A suitable choice.
- PCL octomap: In theory seems to occupy more memory as the child of each node are either all created or none (as opposed to the octoree that only creates needed children. - PCL triangulation: No go -> The paper states it is for near real time considering areas of a room. I need real time with areas as big as a km. - CGAL, 3D Triangulations: No go -> Dependent on order of points
- CGAL, 3D Triangulation Data Structure: No go -> topology of a three-dimensional sphere which is not good at all for the areas to apply to.
- CGAL, 3D Periodic Triangulations: No go -> the research seems to be done for very few points (less than 1000)

Does anyone know of any other libraries/frameworks to represent a point cloud in 3D that is constructed online? If I got any of the previous wrong, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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