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Avoidance obstacles

asked 2015-10-07 06:06:04 -0500

Alvaro Salcedo gravatar image

Hi Ros Users:

I like to do the next thing: i have a P3DX model in ROS/Gazebo with hokuyo senson. I'd like that when Hokuyo sensor detects a obstacle P3DX will be able to avoidance it. So for example if the hokuyo laser detects a obstacle in 2metres, P3DX angular velocity should change to avoidance it.

What is the way to do that? where can I start? or is there any package that does that?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-10-07 09:07:46 -0500

The 2d navigation stack does that for you, but you have to properly configure everything.

There are some algorithms implemented: Elastic Bands or DWA

Otherwise, the first step is to read about obstacle avoidance algorithms, choose the one that better fits your needs and implement it.

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