Could not transform imu message from imu_link to base_footprint [closed]

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Now I am migrating a handover code which can run in diamondback to run in groovy. I have changed the code according to the migration log and it compiles successfully. But when I run it in the real PR2 robot, all the realtime controllers suddenly die. There is an error message keep poping out:

    Node: /robot_pose_ekf
    Time: 1410839002.827758490
    Severity: Error
    Location: /tmp/buildd/ros-groovy-navigation-1.10.3/debian/ros-groovy-navigation/opt/ros/groovy/stacks/navigation/robot_pose_ekf/src/odom_estimation_node.cpp: OdomEstimationNode::imuCallback:214
    Published Topics: /rosout, /tf, /robot_pose_ekf/odom_combined
    Could not transform imu message from imu_link to base_footprint

I think it may have something related to the urdf of pr2 as this link suggests. The link gives a solution:

This problem is caused by an old urdf on prg. You should generate a new one from pr2_defs

But I don't understand what it means by "generate a new one from pr2_defs".

In addition, I notice that in diamondback, my code depends on the package "move_arm_msgs" but if I want the code to run in groovy, I have to change all those "move_arm_msgs" to another package "arm_navigation_msgs". I think my error may be related to the change of these two packages. Can you give me any suggestions?

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