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How to publish transform from odom to base_link?

asked 2013-11-29 12:07:13 -0500

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I have a Recorded rosbag file which contains Laserscan data (LMS100) linked to base_link. I trying to use amcl and localize the robot in the map, but amcl needs odom->baselink so that it can publish map->odom. But currently there is no link between odom and base_link.

I loaded the map in rviz, when set the global options to base_link -> I am getting scan data ; when set to odom -> I getting odometry data in rviz; when set map-> nothing is happening. I want to integrate in the way map->odom->base_link.

I could not able to figure out the way to link the odom -> base_link. Can anyone help me to solve above problem.

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Link to files as below: ""

Arunkumar gravatar image Arunkumar  ( 2013-11-29 12:15:30 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-07-07 13:48:14 -0500

McMurdo gravatar image

There is no way you can do that without actual/simulated data. But, since you already have the laser data, the odometry data should be from the same 'run' as the laser data. That is, both should be in phase (or in time).

So without the odometry data I don't think you can use amcl. If you have odometry data on the topic say /odom. Then the rest is simple: write a node that reads the /odom topic and publishes whatever it reads on the odom topic as a transform from odom - base_link.

Look at this:

The only difference is you don't have to compute x, y and theta. They are already available in the odom message.

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