Starting PR2 in Simulation doesn't work [closed]

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I'm using ros electric and I was trying to follow the Starting PR2 in Simulation tutorial but after calling:

roslaunch pr2_gazebo pr2.launch

Gazebo crashes and I get this message:

   INFO] [1362652374.345924726, 48.333000000]: Reconfigure request for the gazebo ros camera: prosilica. New rate: 2.00
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Ogre::RenderingAPIException'
  what():  OGRE EXCEPTION(3:RenderingAPIException): Zero sized texture surface on texture high_def_sensor_RttTex face 0 mipmap 0. Probably, the GL driver refused to create the texture. in GLTexture::_createSurfaceList at /tmp/buildd/ros-electric-visualization-common-1.6.3/debian/ros-electric-visualization-common/opt/ros/electric/stacks/visualization_common/ogre/build/ogre_src_v1-7-3/RenderSystems/GL/src/OgreGLTexture.cpp (line 406)
[gazebo-2] process has died [pid 10403, exit code -6].
log files: /home/camilla/.ros/log/3b4121e4-8712-11e2-aae9-001c25361341/gazebo-2*.log

Can you help me?
I used Gazebo with other robot models before and never had problems.

If in pr2.urdf.xacro i comment this part:

 <!-- Camera package: double stereo, prosilica -->
  <xacro:pr2_head_sensor_package_v0 name="sensor_mount" hd_frame_name="high_def" 
    <origin xyz="0.0 0.0 0.0" rpy="0 0 0" />

The simulation start without problems and I can see the model of the Pr2.

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