asked 2023-01-02 07:49:15 -0500

Ariel0202152 gravatar image

hello everyone, i want to connect my ouster lidar to URDF file to use with RVIZ i get this message: Message Filter dropping message: frame 'lidar_front_joint' at time 5265.887 for reason 'discarding message because the queue is full'

but there is no problem with my TF or something i need the lidar rays to move with the car, in the URDF file i created lidar and lidar joint. in the ouster driver params Yaml file this is my settings

ouster_driver: ros__parameters: lidar_ip:
lidar_mode: "2048x10" #"1024x10" imu_port: 7503 lidar_port: 7502 sensor_frame: lidar_front #laser_sensor_frame laser_frame: lidar_front_joint #laser_data_frame imu_frame: imu_data_frame please help me!

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