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[Autoware] Lidar fake perception

asked 2019-08-27 14:56:15 -0600

Doug gravatar image

Hi all,

Setup: - Ubuntu 16.04 - Ros Kinetic - Autoware - Docker

I am trying to use the lidar_fake_perception node in Autoware, so basically reproduce the two following videos:

The goal here is to create a 'fake' point cloud in front of the vehicle and the expected behavior would be to see a change in the topic /twist_cmd and eventually see the vehicle stop.

However, I can barely find any information about this node. The above link is the from Gitlab but I find it difficult understanding how to use the node with this information only. More precisely:

1 - Does the parameter input points (topic /points_raw) need to be published by another node or can I just skip it ? What if the only point cloud I want to visualize is the fake object ? I don't care about other objects. I would like to have only one object in the middle of the path.

2 - Same question for the parameter input objects (topic /detected_objects)

3 - How do I create initial pose (topic /move_base_simple/goal) and input twist (topic /fake_twist) ? So far I just publish them from a terminal.

4 - What other nodes need to be launched ? So far what I am launching is the following: - point cloup map loader - tf loader - waypoint_loader - lane_rule - lane_select - wf_simulator - vel_pose_connect - lattice_velocity_set - path_select - pure_pursuit - twist_filter - Manually publish /move_base_simple/goal - Manually publish /fake_twist

However, the only think I see is: - The vehicle following the path and publish /twist_cmd as expect when using wf_simulator - The topic /fake points is published but / = [] - In RVIZ when I add the topic /fake_point [Type = PointCloud2] I get the error: Status: Error Transform [sender=unknown_publisher]

Anyone who already used this node ?

Thanks a lot :-)

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-08-28 19:25:33 -0600

kosuke_murakami gravatar image

1, It is not a must.

2, It is not a must

3, Not the scope of Autoware. Please check this document for /move_base_simple/goal

4, You need to set output_frame to sim_lidar in app for lidar_fake_perception.

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I see, thanks for the prompt answer. It helps a lot. I am getting this error now though: [ INFO] [1567104827.129211216]: no candidate. search closest waypoint from all waypoints...

I saw the question has already been asked a a month ago but no answer ... (

Any idea where this comes from ?

Probably from velocity_set. Indeed, the topic /obstacle_waypoint is always set to -1, indicating no obstacle is detected. This is weird though because the lidar_fake_detection seems to be working as well as the /imm_ukf_pda_track, /naive_motion_predict and /costmap_generator

Doug gravatar image Doug  ( 2019-08-29 13:57:56 -0600 )edit

I also met this question. How can I manually publish /fake_twist?Please explain it in detail. Thank you.

slipper gravatar image slipper  ( 2021-02-23 20:49:57 -0600 )edit

@slipper in RViz:

Panels -> Add New Panel -> rviz_plugin_tutorials -> Teleop

In a new panel write /fake_twist as an Output Topic.

anonymous userAnonymous ( 2021-02-26 08:00:07 -0600 )edit

Thank you for your reply. I check the rviz panel again. I don't find the panel named "rviz_plugin_tutorials" by running autoware in docker. But I can see the "rviz_plugin_tutorials" by running command(roscore and rviz). How to locate this problem?

slipper gravatar image slipper  ( 2021-03-08 01:38:26 -0600 )edit

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