Pathplanner stops, but the Robot has not reached the Goal Pose

asked 2022-06-02 10:03:46 -0600

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i have a Problem with the Pathplanning algorithm. When the robot get a new goal the Robot drives along a path and reaches the Goalpose regarding the Position rather precise. Regarding the Orientation, the Robot stop the Rotation but the Goal orientation is not reached yet. The Difference between the desired and the actual Orientation is also bigger than the yaw Goal tolerance in the TEB Local planner.

The Path planner Produce a Pose array with Poses of the interpolated Points. But the last one of these Poses doesn't coincident with the Goalpose of the Robot. The Robot reaches all of these Poses but sometimes the last Pose doesn't match with the Goal Pose as i already said.

I hope you got my Problem. I am not able to upload Pictures to make my problem more clear because my karma isn't high enaugh. Sorry for that.

Best regards Felix

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