Query about waypoint_nav package

asked 2021-07-28 17:54:49 -0500

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hi everyone,

I have read the package waypoint_nav (https://github.com/nickcharron/waypoi...), but i could not understand, how does it work actually. I got confused. I want to implement this idea on my robot, but the problem is that I have watched a video on youtube about navigation based on GPS waypoints. in that video, the procedure is like this: 1) create an empty map and save it in the map server 2) applying robot localization pkg for fusing Imu and Wheel odometer >>> for creating tf between odom->base_link 3) applying robot localization pkg including Imu, Wheel odometer, and GPS for creating tf between map-> odom

but based on the waypoint_nav package, they have used ekf_localization for fusing imu and GPS data. so in this situation, the tf between map and odom is created, so how is it possible to use gmapping which will provide tf between map and odom frame ? is not this redundant of frames? How do you use the robot_localization package (which computes the transform from /map to /odom and odom to base_link) with SLAM at the same time? how the map is going to be create and where it will be saved???


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