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What's the difference between getEulerYPR, getEulerZYX and getRPY?

asked 2021-07-03 06:27:21 -0500

Rika gravatar image

Hello everyone, I noticed tf::Matrix3x3 provides 3 distinct methods (getEulerYPR, getEulerZYX and getRPY) and they all seem to give the very same results :

The output of the following snippet is given below :

   double roll, pitch, yaw;
   tf::Matrix3x3(transform.getRotation()).getRPY(roll, pitch, yaw);

   std::cout<<"getRPY():      "<<roll<<" "<<pitch<<" "<<yaw<<"\n";
   tf::Matrix3x3(transform.getRotation()).getEulerYPR(yaw, pitch, roll);
   std::cout<<"getEulerYPR(): "<<roll<<" "<<pitch<<" "<<yaw<<"\n";
   tf::Matrix3x3(transform.getRotation()).getEulerZYX(yaw, pitch, roll);
   std::cout<<"getEulerZYX(): "<<roll<<" "<<pitch<<" "<<yaw<<"\n";


getRPY():      0.000254904 -0.00770209 -0.0312527
getEulerYPR(): 0.000254904 -0.00770209 -0.0312527
getEulerZYX(): 0.000254904 -0.00770209 -0.0312527

Why do we have duplicate methods that seem to do exactly one thing? Can somebody please shed some light on this? Thanks a lot in advance

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1 Answer

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answered 2021-07-03 06:54:15 -0500

bob-ROS gravatar image

updated 2021-07-03 07:00:19 -0500

__attribute__((deprecated)) void getEulerZYX(tfScalar& yaw, tfScalar& pitch, tfScalar& roll, unsigned int solution_number = 1) const { getEulerYPR(yaw, pitch, roll, solution_number); };

  void getRPY(tfScalar& roll, tfScalar& pitch, tfScalar& yaw, unsigned int solution_number = 1) const
     getEulerYPR(yaw, pitch, roll, solution_number);

No difference according to the code

No real cost maintenanceto allow different functions that just have different argument names to the same underlying function.

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