move base in husky navigation publishing cmd_vel as zero

asked 2021-04-30 14:00:24 -0500

rosnoob123 gravatar image

We are currently trying to use the move base node from the husky navigation stack, as a low-level controller where it should subscribe to move_base_simple/goal and publish to cmd_vel. But although the move_base_simple/goal is publishing correctly, the cmd_vel stays zero. Are there any obvious errors here?

For the setup, we first launch the simulator, then we launch a node that publishes move_base_simple/goal then we launch the move base node like shown in the husky navigation move base demo, roslaunch husky_navigation move_base_mapless_demo.launch

After launching the move_base node, it says 'got a plan' and occasionally prints 'reached goal', but I'm fairly certain that it has not moved and hasn't reached the goal specified by move_base_simple/goal.

We are using ubuntu 18.04 with ros melodic for reference.

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