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install intrernal and external packages

asked 2012-07-01 02:33:50 -0600

Astronaut gravatar image

updated 2014-01-28 17:12:51 -0600

ngrennan gravatar image


I would like to ask about some tutorials and helps installing some internal and external packages. I Installed them through some installation script. First I installed ROS Fuerte set the workspace. Than tried to install the two internal packages : amcl_listener and pow_analyzer . I the error on the pow_analyzer package.

The error was

make: * No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

With the amcl_listener make file was build and its not empty. But its not the case with the other internal package. So I think its about the dependence, so any help about that. Than also could not install the external package.


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4 Answers

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answered 2012-07-01 04:00:29 -0600

Well thats also no magic. Just let ros install the package and let it fetch the dependency's by itself. The related tutorial is here.

i. cd ~/ros_workspace (I put all checked out packages in here)

ii. roslocate info package_name > package_name.rosinstall

iii. rosinstall . /etc/ros/diamondback|electric|fuerte package_name.rosinstall

iv. rosmake package_name (rosdep --install package_name to install system dependencies)

v. deal with ROS dependencies by iterating 1 or 2
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answered 2012-07-02 04:42:13 -0600

Astronaut gravatar image

But the package does notcontain makefile. I download it from one repository and should be ok. So there is no make file. How to build than???

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Please don't add answer after answer but either add a comment to an existing answer or edit your original question. Who created the packages you are trying to compile? To get a Makefile, do roscd roscreate and use the contents of the file Makefile.tmpl.

Lorenz gravatar image Lorenz  ( 2012-07-02 04:54:51 -0600 )edit

answered 2012-07-01 03:03:28 -0600

Astronaut gravatar image

Ok. Thanks. Will try that. And what about the external packages? If they have some dependency how to install them?Have to install the follwing external packages: cereal_port, lse_xsens_mti, gps_umd and scan_tools : Any help on them?


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answered 2012-07-02 03:24:28 -0600

Astronaut gravatar image

Im bit confuse. I try to install packages that are already done. So I download them from one ftp server an put on my computer. So only need them to run (build) as they are already created. So Im still can to install them. Please any help¿

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