How to manually clear where an object was previously on costmap?

asked 2021-02-19 13:02:18 -0600

sabeehkhan14 gravatar image

On my system, I'm using a radar sensor that gives me a point cloud, not a laser or range sensor. The radar also provides velocity information about detected objects. So my theory is to use the velocity information to classify if an object is static or dynamic (eg. static objects have velocity of 0). My current problem is that I do not have a good way of clearing dynamic objects in the costmap. Objects be it static or dynamic will always persist and will not clear, because my sensor does not provide the same points like a laser would for raytraced clearing.

To keep the most recent dynamic objects, I could periodically clear the entire costmap with the clear service, but I lose my static objects as well.

Could anyone provide some recommendations on how to clear where a dynamic object was previously?

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