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Hi all, I started using ROS just few days ago. I've read the tutorial and played with the examples, but I'm still quite newbie of ros :) What I have to do is:getting the depth image from a simulated kinect, transform it into a point cloud, and make some other stuffs. I started launching turtlebot_simulator, that has a simulated kinect camera. I know that it already publish point cloud, but I need to start from the depth image. What I have done so far: 1) getting into gazebo.urdf.xacro of turtlebot, I added that line: <depthimagetopicname>/camera/depth/image_raw</depthimagetopicname> (anyone has hints to where to find all tags of plugin?) 2)With that change I get /camera/depth/image_raw topic, and if I put myself in echo mode I can see the messages flowing. 3)Now, to be sure that this is the topic about depth image, I try to visualize it with depth_viewer package. With that command, rosrun depth_viewer depth_viewer /camera/depth/image:=/camera/depth/image_raw I got the error I soon realized that the image_raw published by turtlebot is in uint16 [mm] format,while depth_viewer needs it into float [m] format. So I found depth_image_proc nodelet and used it with a launch file recommended:

well, the launch file runs fine and that nodelet creates a bunch of topics BUT, while echoing them no one give messages.Nothing into the converted /camera/depth/image,nothing into the registered point clouds camera/depth_registered/points. That my problem at the end; understanding how to make depth_image_proc working and getting my visualizable depth image and my freshly made cloud points.

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