Moveit Pick- Grapper closes into collision object and fails to grap

asked 2020-08-15 11:29:45 -0600

Fatalon gravatar image

Hello. I am using a Franka Emika robot with a gripper mounted as eef and control his movements in the simulation environment gazebo via the moveit package. I rebuilt the entire scene in rviz (including all collision objects) to estimate valid actions in moveit. But when I try to grap a collision object (in my case it is a hanoi tower token, which is put onto a pipe) - the robot moves into the appropriate pose, opens the gripper - and closes it ignoring the properties of the token - resulting in an abort and pushing the token in gazebo away. I followed the tutorial instructions ( and also tried to adjust the max contact force or directly change the properties of the closedGrapper, but nothing really worked out. The gripper touches the token and the token starts to fly away, bug or wobbles around, but it is not really grapped.. The complete sourcecode is provided at, but the most important parts should be the hanoi_planner/src/PlannerNode.cpp containing the pick and place instructions. If further source code (like gazebo setup) is required, let me know and i will post the parts below this question, but everything is based on

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