MoveIt: installation breaks kinematics_msgs?, bug trac is 404 [closed]

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ROS Fuerte

I just wanted to let you know that installing MoveIt (and some other stacks) seems to have broken the error message declarations in 'kinematics_msgs'. Yesterday I was successfully building 'arm_kinematics', now today after installing MoveIt (and some other stacks) it won't build because it's missing some error codes from 'kinematics_msgs'. When I look in there, it seems the error names are now defined in 'moveit_msgs', so given I only just installed it, I'm assuming it must have overwritten something in 'kinematics_msgs'? The compiler says it doesn't recognize NO_FK_SOLUTION, but NO_IK_SOLUTION and some others are okay.

Also, the bug trac for MoveIt is 404.

Cheers and keep up the good work, I can't wait to see the PR2 doing the MoveIt dance!

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