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what depends on control frequency and planner_frequency in move_base?

asked 2020-07-10 06:02:31 -0500

mehmetduramaz gravatar image

what depends on control frequency and planner_frequency in move_base?

I am using mobile robot. it has 3 hz control frequency while dwa_local_planner. It gets hard narrow road.

I know sim_time, sample_x, sample_th and other paramaters are effect the frequency. when I reduced these parameters, path planning of robot is getting worse

What can i do for increasing control_frequency and planner_frequency?

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You should mention aspects of the robot spec; What platform, computer, LiDAR, etc. Also, do you see warning/error messages?

jordan gravatar image jordan  ( 2020-07-10 09:18:57 -0500 )edit

The robot has Lidar and Jetson Actually my problem is slow control. I want to changes to be contol_frequency 10hz, the algorithm give me loop is missing

mehmetduramaz gravatar image mehmetduramaz  ( 2020-07-13 00:56:02 -0500 )edit

How's the CPU loading?... Run "top -d 1" in a terminal while the problem is occurring.

jordan gravatar image jordan  ( 2020-07-14 08:54:06 -0500 )edit

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answered 2020-07-10 09:11:55 -0500

David Lu gravatar image

It changes how often the planning/control runs, not the actual output of the planner.

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