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We're able to get Octomap / Octree data from ROS - and whilst Octovis is great for the presentation and development - we're hoping to be able to use a means of displaying 50m squared in an Octomap type display. We've implemented an Octree solution in Unity but wondered if anyone has a suggested library / solution for plotting walls / floor plane in Unity from a ROS bridge feed?

The solution doesn't need to be realtime but does need to stream. Unity is the preferred option - since it offers mobility and potentially the ability to display on COTS hardware e.g. Iphone / Android.

We can already plot the pose data - and can project wall information as a sparse Lidar map - however the occupancy mapping component via an octree solution seems like a computationally lean execution of building the cube based visualisation (likely with fewer leafs than Octomap via Octovis) but good enough for follow along tracks of a mobile robot.

We also want to add some GUI to this - thus allowing us to have feedback and controls for the "poor mans AR".

Any suggestions welcome - the nearest we can find is in Whitepapers - but perhaps we've missed something.

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