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Hi, Iam looking to buy a SBC for my robotic project but found not much on the web. Iam also not sure what packages/usecases demand what (RAM, CPU speed vs cores, etc.).

What Iam going to use:

  • Realsense 415
  • rtabmap (slam and navigation; maybe something different in the future, but rtabmap seems to be on the demandind side anyway)
  • I dont need rtabmap for odometry, I have a base controller that gives odometry as well as an imu (maybe).
  • move_base (global and local path planing)
  • Joint_trajectory (ros_control, dont really need the PIDs though)
  • rviz (maybe not needed on the robot itself as I can use the PC to tune and configure, would be nice to have the capability though)

What would be nice in the future:

  • Moveit
  • openCV

So the question is what SBC to get, or even a NUC? What of the mentioned packages/capabilities are the most demanding? The robot will be slow in motion and travel, looking at 0.1m/s. Looking for low cost of course. Iam specially interested in experiences with such boards and ros Melodic. This is because a "been there done that" opinion is of high value for me, "might work" not so much. thanks.

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This question has a very narrow scope and could lead to a lot of speculation and opinions. A better approach is to determine the minimum requirements for your sensor and application (which should generally come from the vendor).

kscottz gravatar image kscottz  ( 2019-09-27 13:09:13 -0500 )edit