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pass parameters of xacro file in another xacro file

asked 2019-08-23 00:15:41 -0500

june2473 gravatar image

updated 2019-08-23 01:34:12 -0500

I have this cameras.urdf.xacro file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<robot name="origins">
     <link name="$(arg tf_prefix_camera1)_pose_frame"/>
     <link name="$(arg tf_prefix_camera2)_link"/>

     <joint name="$(arg tf_prefix_camera1)_to_$(arg tf_prefix_camera2)" type="fixed">
       <parent link="$(arg tf_prefix_camera1)_pose_frame"/>
       <child link="$(arg tf_prefix_camera2)_link"/>
       <origin xyz="0.009 0.021 0.027" rpy="0.000 -0.018 0.005"/>

So, this file has parameters tf_prefix_camera1 and tf_prefix_camera2. And i want to include this file in another xacro file and set this parameters. how can i do it?

<xacro:include filename="$(find realsense2_camera)/urdf/mount_t265_d435.urdf.xacro tf_prefix_camera1:=t265 tf_prefix_camera2:=d435" />

like this?

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-08-23 02:28:08 -0500

Delb gravatar image

You are not that far from the correct solution you just need some adjustments :

  • Your cameras.urdf.xacro should actually use some macros to receive the parameters :

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <robot name="camera" xmlns:xacro="">
      <xacro:macro name="camera" params="tf_prefix_camera1 tf_prefix_camera2">
          <link name="${tf_prefix_camera1}_pose_frame"/>
          <link name="${tf_prefix_camera2}_link"/>
          <joint name="${tf_prefix_camera1)_to_${tf_prefix_camera2)" type="fixed">
            <parent link="${tf_prefix_camera1}_pose_frame"/>
            <child link="${tf_prefix_camera2}_link"/>
            <origin xyz="0.009 0.021 0.027" rpy="0.000 -0.018 0.005"/>

The important parts here are xmlns:xacro="" to properly use the macro and to define the macro camera like a function, i.e. specifying its arguments (here its params). Note also that it's not like in the launch files, $(arg ARG) you just need brackets around the name of your param.

  • In your other file you just need :

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <robot name="camera" xmlns:xacro="">
    <xacro:include filename="$(find YOUR_PKG)/urdf/cameras.urdf.xacro"/>
    <camera tf_prefix_camera1="t265" tf_prefix_camera2="d435"/>

    In your example you didn't include cameras.urdf.xacro but another urdf file is this a copy/paste mistake ? To call the macro you have previously defined, you just need a tag with the name of your macro and simply assign a value to your parameters. That will simply copy and paste everything from the camera.urdf.xacro file between the <xacro> tag (so everything except the 2 first lines and the last one) and replace the paramaters with their value.

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