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Navigation in narrow corridors

asked 2019-07-11 08:02:28 -0500


I have a setup in which I would like to send the robot to explore narrow corridors (~10-20 cm wider than the robot body).

Here is how it can look like in the simulated environment: image description

Currently in my setup I'm using:

  • dwa_local_planner
  • global_planner

the global costmap is inflated quite significantly to produce nice turns, while the local planner is barely inflated so that the robot can go through corridors.

There are two issues I'm coming across:

  1. Quite often when robot is in the corridor and I ask it to go forward it turns slightly to the right and proceeds turning right resulting in the robot getting stuck between two walls (
  2. The global path leading from one corridor to another is quite often too tight to make a turn (it seems as if the robot begins the turn prematurely) (

For solving 2 I already increased the cost_factor of global planner which could help a bit (at least looking at the guide it seemed it could help).

Any further pointers on tuning this system would be highly appreciated!

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answered 2019-07-11 10:23:38 -0500

Syrine gravatar image


I had some issues with navigation too, like wrong pose estimation and path_planning and this file helped me.

I hope it could help you as well.

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Thanks! I was actually using it thorough the tuning process but got stuck in the corridor parts etc.

msadowski gravatar imagemsadowski ( 2019-07-11 14:29:46 -0500 )edit

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