Cannot find user-specified joint names | Failed to initialize joint names

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I configured the industrial robot ur10 with moveit setup assistant. Later I tried to start the industrial-robot-simulator with the command:

roslaunch industrial_robot_simulator robot_interface_simulator.launch

I have the following error message:

[ERROR] [1562043668.421588734]: Cannot find user-specified joint names. Tried ROS parameter 'controller_joint_names' and the URDF in 'robot_description'.
[ERROR] [1562043668.421622246]: Failed to initialize joint_names.

Well I have looked in other similar issues fixed here in forum, and so I tried to follow one which recommends to change the joint names in the industrial robot simulator source code. And I configured there the official joints names given by my joint_limits.yaml of ur10. Accorind to this file there are 6 joints...and I assigned the name of them into the industrial robot simulator source code (located in /opt/ros/kinetic/lib/industrial_robot_simulator....

 # Joint names
        def_joint_names = ["shoulder_pan_joint", "shoulder_lift_joint", "elbow_joint", "wrist_1_joint", "wrist_2_joint", "wrist_3_joint"]

I would like to follow the tutorial and give the command:

roslaunch ur10_moveit_config moveit_planning_execution.launch

But I need first to fix this error

What I am confused is that in "ur10e.urdf.xacro" file is given more than 6 joints...there the following joints exists besides the previous 6 related above:

  • shoulder_lift_joint; (revolute)
  • {prefix}ee_fixed_joint
  • {prefix}base_link-base_fixed_joint
  • prefix}wrist_3_link-tool0_fixed_joint

Calculating so the ur10 has 10 joints? Maybe that is why it is called ur10 should I add these number in the source code and assign the 10 joints there? Is this the problem or other?

Thanks in advance

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Please make sure to double check the formatting of your question in the future, as it was your list didn't show properly and your error didn't show up at all. I formatted it your question best I could, but feel free to make any changes

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