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How to change kinova ros tool_pose publish rate

asked 2019-10-27 20:03:12 -0500

enbo gravatar image

I use

rostopic hz /j2s7s300_driver/.../.../tool_pose and I get only 10hz publish rate , I want to know how to change it

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Take a look here

Choco93 gravatar image Choco93  ( 2019-10-28 04:29:54 -0500 )edit

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answered 2019-10-29 11:25:06 -0500

Hello !

This question is asked here and here, this question is too focused on the Kinova arm and shouldn't be asked here but I might take a shot :

As pointed out by @Choco93 , you can lower the rate with topic_tool throttle

To go faster :

The rate of the publisher is defined here : it's 0.1 by default.

The function here : should be called at the rate defined above.

The USB of the Kinova Arm is limited, so you cannot go much faster (I had problem going above 15hz), you can set the parameter "status_interval_seconds" to something lower than the default 0.1 but you will hit the limitation of the USB pretty quickly

So you also might want to throttle the publication of other topic (I went to 50hz with tool_pose and 1hz with the other topic without problem) but that require you to setup 4 timer for the 4 publisher with different rate (and also a dynamic configuration if you need to change the rate of different topic for different use cases).

I cannot say much for the ethernet connected Kinova Arm since I didn't tested it.

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