Unable to avoid obstacles & robot can't go in a straight line using ros-kinetic, move_base, and SLAM_gmapping.

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Attempting to use the ros navigation stack for autonomy. I'm able to get Laserscan information in rviz, but unable to avoid obstacles using the rplidar, SLAM_gmapping, and move_base. When giving the robot a 2d nav_goal in rviz the robot shifts right and left then fails to go in a straight line. Any feedback would be appreciated. Most of the necessary files are below!



  <arg name="scan_topic" default="scan" />

  <node pkg="gmapping" type="slam_gmapping" name="slam_gmapping" output="screen">

<param name="odom_frame" value="odom"/>
<param name="base_frame" value="base_link"/>
<param name="map_frame" value="map"/>

<!-- Process 1 out of every this many scans (set it to a higher number to skip more scans)  -->
<param name="throttle_scans" value="1"/>

<param name="map_update_interval" value="5.0"/> <!-- default: 5.0 -->

<!-- The maximum usable range of the laser. A beam is cropped to this value.  -->
<param name="maxUrange" value="5.5"/>

<!-- The maximum range of the sensor. If regions with no obstacles within the range of the sensor should appear as free space in the map, set maxUrange < maximum range of the real sensor <= maxRange -->
<param name="maxRange" value="15.0"/>

<param name="sigma" value="0.05"/>
<param name="kernelSize" value="1"/>
<param name="lstep" value="0.05"/>
<param name="astep" value="0.05"/>
<param name="iterations" value="5"/>
<param name="lsigma" value="0.075"/>
<param name="ogain" value="3.0"/>
<param name="minimumScore" value="0.0"/>
<!-- Number of beams to skip in each scan. -->
<param name="lskip" value="0"/>

<param name="srr" value="0.1"/>
<param name="srt" value="0.02"/>
<param name="str" value="0.1"/>
<param name="stt" value="0.02"/>

<!-- Process a scan each time the robot translates this far  -->
<param name="linearUpdate" value="0.2"/>

<!-- Process a scan each time the robot rotates this far  -->
<param name="angularUpdate" value="0.25"/>

<param name="temporalUpdate" value="5.0"/>
<param name="resampleThreshold" value="0.5"/>

<!-- Number of particles in the filter. default 30        -->
<param name="particles" value="100"/>

<!-- Initial map size  -->
<param name="xmin" value="-10.0"/>
<param name="ymin" value="-10.0"/>
<param name="xmax" value="10.0"/>
<param name="ymax" value="10.0"/>

<!-- Processing parameters (resolution of the map)  -->
<param name="delta" value="0.025"/>

<param name="llsamplerange" value="0.01"/>
<param name="llsamplestep" value="0.01"/>
<param name="lasamplerange" value="0.005"/>
<param name="lasamplestep" value="0.005"/>

<remap from="scan" to="$(arg scan_topic)"/>



  <node pkg="move_base" type="move_base" respawn="false" name="move_base" output="screen">
<rosparam file="$(find robot_navigation)/params/costmap_common_params.yaml" command="load" ns="global_costmap" />
<rosparam file="$(find robot_navigation)/params/costmap_common_params.yaml" command="load" ns="local_costmap" />

<rosparam file="$(find robot_navigation)/params/map_nav_params/local_costmap_params.yaml" command="load" />
<rosparam file="$(find robot_navigation)/params/map_nav_params/global_costmap_params.yaml" command="load" />

<rosparam file="$(find robot_navigation)/params/base_local_planner_params.yaml" command="load" />
<rosparam file="$(find robot_navigation)/params/move_base_params.yaml" command="load" />

<param name="base_global_planner" type="string" value="navfn/NavfnROS" />
<param name="base_local_planner" value="base_local_planner/TrajectoryPlannerROS"/>
<!-- param name="base_local_planner" value="dwa_local_planner/DWAPlannerROS"/-->




shutdown_costmaps: false
track_unkown_sources ...
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If you can show a video capture of rviz - would help a lot

kolya_rage gravatar image kolya_rage  ( 2019-02-21 02:48:21 -0600 )edit

I'm unable to post a video capture of rviz

StewartHemm74 gravatar image StewartHemm74  ( 2019-02-21 07:20:34 -0600 )edit