Kinect and tf_echo error [closed]

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We are using the tf_echo executable with kinect. That is, we are trying to find the transforms between the /right_hip_1 and the /torso_1 frames... We are running the

rosrun openni_tracker openni_tracker

which runs the 'openni tacker' executable to make these transforms available.

When we do this, we found an error. We can quite clearly see in rviz that the frames are not moving with respect to each other when I move from a kneeling-down pose to a standing pose. Also, I am not Mr. Fantastic, so I definitely cannot expand.

We expected the tf_echo to tell us that the translation is not changing. Neither should the Quaternion/RPY.

But we found that there is a significant change in the Translation. Where are we wrong? Since with tf_echo, we are simply trying to describe the hip frame in terms of the torso frame or vice versa, the translation must not change unless I bend to one side. Is this understanding correct? We used the same understanding to publish the turtlebot's current pose on a topic by obtaining a transform between the /map and the /base_link frames (because there wasn't a topic that was publishing the current pose when the robot was stationary.

Please help us out.

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