Runtime Odometry Correction

asked 2017-09-21 04:48:41 -0500

Aasiya Shaikh gravatar image


We are stuck at a point, unable to solved it. Please suggest, how can I do it !.

We am working on small Module, firstly we drive the robot at curtain distance e.g say 7 m and store the drive trajectory data Odometry + Laserscan as it's reference points. Using FeedBack Controller and stored data we make the robot travel the same taught path . Now I am stuck at , run time we are getting drift in current odometry due to which we are unable to tackle the exact taught path. Does we have any technique to solve run-time drifts in robot odometry .

I their a way to solve the drift in odometry at run-time appearance. Please lets us know if any one have idea regarding it.

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