Adding infaltion to obstacle got from new layer [closed]

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Hi guys,

I have managed to get working the first part of the tutorial regarding creating new layer, so I am able to set a point (not visible by scan) as an obstacle tutorial. However now i am trying to get things better, I would like to put an inflation layer around this point? Is that possible? For now the point it is just marked in yellow (so like walls) but as long there is no inflation layer around, the robot could smash in it.

Maybe it is Grid Layer as written in the second part of the tutorial linked above but seems not working.

Any hints is really appreciated!!

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Search for: (INSCRIBED_INFLATED_OBSTACLE - 1) into: link

matteopantano gravatar image matteopantano  ( 2017-05-06 12:25:04 -0500 )edit