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I have set up all the parameters to get navigation working on my simulated kuka youbot and it works perfectly. I am using EbandLocal planner to planning the navigation and I have no problem using it.

However I would like to add an obstacle to my local map. My task is to collect a cube using my youbot and actually the robot is able to "detect" the cube and get the tf to the map, the robot also is able to collect the cube (blob detection to find cube). Now I want to complicate the thing, instead of using a already known map I am building it on "real-time" and robot is building the costmap according to laser scan data, if the robot in my state machine is in the phase of "searching" the cube, so it is navigating randomly in the unknown map, when it detects the cube it "saves" its position and then when it finishes the "searching" stage the robot goes to collect the cube.

My problem is if the cube is along the "searching" path, even if the cube position is saved the local map does not take care of this cube (because is quite little and laser scan cannot see it) so I would like to know if subscribing to the pose of the cube, respecting to the map it is possible to add (preferably with a python) an area (that is the cube pose) where the robot cannot go during its "searching" stage.

I have seen that, so adding a new layer on the map could solve. But I am not so sure. Is there something easier?


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I think creating a new layer is a good approach

DavidN gravatar image DavidN  ( 2017-04-24 23:02:22 -0500 )edit